AK Party Istanbul MP and Head of the Electoral Coordination Centre Abroad Mustafa Yeneroglu made the following statement regarding the public elections abroad: “The voters abroad have given a strong message with 831.208 Yes-votes. While Belgium had the most yes votes with 75%, Lyon came first with 86% in terms of our foreign missions. The votes abroad have contributed to 18.2% of the total difference between the Yes and No votes.

Yeneroglu further stated: “A total of 1.424.227 citizens abroad took part in the election with 1.325.688 of them in our foreign missions and 98.539 of them at the custom gates. A record participation took place with 48% of our citizens participating at the elections. There has been a 14.33% increase compared to the November 1, 2015 r. According to nonofficial information 831.208 citizens abroad -including those at the customs- (59.09%) have voted yes. When solely considering the votes at the foreign mission the yes rate is 59.46%.

The difference between yes and no votes in Turkey is 1.124.091. This difference is 255.755 abroad. With these votes the total has increased to 1.379.846. Thus the votes abroad contributed to 18.2% of the difference. The yes votes make up 3.3% of this support.

Belgium had the most yes votes with 75% in terms of the countries and was followed by Austria with 75%, Holland with 71%, France with 65%, and Germany with 63%. Again in terms of foreign missions Lyon came first with 86% yes votes. Anvers came second with 78%, and Essen third place with 75%. It was interesting to note that that 93% of the voters in Lebanon voted yes. Finally 52961 (54%) citizens voted yes at the customs.”

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