Mustafa Yeneroğlu, Member of Parliament and the chairman of Parliament’s Human Rights Investigation Committee evaluated how the repelled coup attempt is perceived by Western countries. Yeneroğlu said: “It un acceptable that the prevented coup attempt is distorted and embellished with false accusations by politicians, journalists and scholars in Western countries. Statements about how the elected President and government are still remaining in office, are astonishing.”

Mustafa Yeneroğlu said: “On July 15, as a nation we witnessed one of the most painful nights of our history. The traitorous coup attempted to murder our President, who is democratically legitimized through the votes of the citizens. Our Presidential Complex, the Parliament, our bastion of democracy, and the police departments guaranteeing our security were bombed out. Commanders in chief were held hostage. Tanks, helicopters and guns which belong to our nation, were used against the people. As a result of all these terrorist attacks, 246 of our citizens lost their lives. If this nefarious attempt were successful, thousands of them would have been executed.

We are whitnessing with great consternation and sorrow how this bloody coup is discussed by politicians, journalists and scholars in Western countries. It is ruthless that the coup is underestimated by those who turn a blind eye to the incidents. Furthermore is it unscrupulous to assess the coup attempt as a „theater“. Additionally, addressing and highlighting individual attacks against the putschists and disregarding the overall brutality brought about the coup, distort the resistance of the Turkish nation.

These approaches overshadow the struggle for democracy and play down the terrorists of the coup as „oppressed“. However, 12 hours after the coup attempt, the public order was reestablished, the investigation process was started in accordance with the rule of law and due to the nature and scope of the offense, the accused were arrested by the court. Hereupon, the process will be determined by independent courts. The above mentioned problematic approach can also be seen in the news couverage concerning the ongoing debate about the reinroduction of the “death penalty”, which is demanded by citizens who were under fire and whom country survived a great danger. Our country is already exposed to threatening statements about a discussion, which is not even on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM). Our sovereignty has been ignored in an unacceptable manner.

Some media outlets, where the background of the incidents are discussed, unconcealed imply that a “contra attack” is accomplished by our government. These persons ignore the presence of those who bombed the bastions of democracy. Quite the opposite, they attack those who are legitimized by the electorate in an extremely unfair manner.

While statements about how the elected President and government are still remaining in office are in some kind perplexing they’re actually not really surprising. A look upon the attitude of these persons and their statements about developments in the Middle Eastern region, especially Egypt is sufficient. Our nation has resisted the bloody coup with courage, sacrifice and devotion. July 15, 2016 goes down in history as “The Day of Democracy” and is already celebrated as a national victory.”

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